Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

As of today, over +100 distinct cannabinoids (potential APIs) has been identified in the cannabis plant. While the main focus has been on the two major compounds, THC and CBD, DanCann Pharma unlock the true potential of cannabis by providing patients with an exclusive product portfolio, including rare and novel cannabinoids. Novel cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals can unlock new treatment options and relief for a future wide range of diseases and conditions.

DanCann Pharma has a differentiated approach to the industry, by targeting supply and research of rare cannabinoids (APIs) for new, unexplored treatment options. DanCann Pharma aims to release the true potential of medical cannabis.

DanCann Pharma will produce standardized active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). These products will be used in DanCann Pharma's own intermediate products as well as in the pharmaceutical industry and meet the needs of large and small drug developers.