Intermediate Manufacturing

The department for Intermediate Manufacturing has expertise in extraction and up the value chain - with the main goal of manufacturing of formulations based on in-house production (refining) of DanCann Pharma's own APIs or sales such as APIs or white label. 

DanCann Pharma focuses at solutions and developments around capsule and tablet-based pharmaceuticals - and the associated fast (instant) or slow dissolving.

DanCann Pharma integrate the medical cannabis industry with the existing pharmaceutical industry to bring the best of two worlds into a higher unity.


Quality Assurance:

Prior to release, all products go trough thorough testing to ensure a clean and uniform product – consistently. DanCann Pharma’s facilities are all in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and provide patients with pharma grade cannabis.

DanCann Pharma’s cannabinoid-based products are all standardized and strictly controlled according to local and global compliance regulations.