Challenge the Status Quo:
Vertical Aeroponic Cultivation

Until now, the Medical Cannabis industry has been reliant on old, refurbished greenhouses and single-tier cultivation. It can produce major risk for the patient and is highly inefficient.

Instead, DanCann Pharma is utilizing the principles of Vertical Farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture for the highest possible efficiency, consistency and control. Growing in multiple vertical layers, floorspace utilization is increased by 200% and enables an unmatched yield per square meter in the industry.

DanCann Pharma utilizes Aeroponics – a novel cultivation technique developed by NASA. Plants are grown without the use of soil or grow aggregate. Roots are left to dangle freely in the air, where they are frequently sprayed with a nutrient rich mist.

Aeroponics reduces water usage by 90% and fertilizer usage by 70% by improved nutrient availability and recapture of irrigation water.

Soil-less cultivation provides ultra clean cannabis free of contaminants often found in soil grown crops.

Tailor-made, growing recipes automatically ensures each strain are always provided with optimal growing conditions. 

Central AI software monitors and control crucial environmental conditions 24/7 and, if needed, automatically adjusts key variables such as nutrients, pH, temperature, or lighting to maintain optimal conditions. Automation ensures consistent, year-round harvests with no interference from the external environment. Fully automated cleanroom-like environment ensures uniform quality and consistency.

Together with aeroponics, DanCann Pharma can maintain an ultra clean production environment with zero contaminants and pesticide free cultivation.

In the end, it is all about patient safety and quality.