DanCann Pharma A/S was founded in 2018 and is a Danish pharmaceutical biotechnology company powered by cannabinoids. DanCann Pharma is focused on discovering, developing, manufacturing, and commercializing of novel cannabinoid therapeutics in a broad range of disease areas. 

DanCann Pharma was established due to the poor access for cannabinoid-based drugs and pharmaceuticals shortly after the establishment of the new Pilot Programme with medical cannabis in Denmark.

DanCann Pharma is licensed for handling of euphoriant substances, and during the summer 2018, the Company was licensed as one of the first companies in Denmark to handle and cultivate cannabis for medical use.

DanCann Pharma makes and distributes prescription (Rx-pharmaceuticals) and over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals mainly focused on pain patients with alternative needs and management to handle their illness, covered by the Danish Pilot Programme for medical cannabis – with future targets for further and new patient groups and segments.