For the benefit of patients and relatives

At DanCann Pharma, we strive to optimize care and well-being for those given up on. We want to revolutionize health and quality of life for patients with challenges and to enhance access to medicines inspired by nature for the benefit of patients and relatives.

This is our purpose, our tool that provides us with guidance and direction. Our motivation and reason to exist.

Being a relative to patients with little hope can be mentally and physically devastating, as they experience similar desperation and neglect as their loved ones.

By improving the distribution and availability of cannabinoid therapeutics, we can create greater relief opportunities and reduce stress factors that often have become a significant part of their lives.

of patients who use medicinal cannabis in Denmark buy their products from illegal sources
of the population in Denmark (1,3 million people) suffer from chronic pain
of Danish doctors prescribe medicinal cannabis to their patients. That's too low.

Danish Pilot Programme

The purpose of the pilot programme is to offer patients a lawful way of testing treatment with medicinal cannabis if they have experienced no benefits from authorised medicines. That is the intention with the programme.


The products available in the pilot programme depend on the manufacturers of cannabis products. They apply for admission of cannabis products to the programme with the aim of making these products available for prescribers. The available cannabis products are therefore likely to change during the course of the pilot programme.


The cannabis products included in the pilot programme are not authorised medicines – not in Denmark or any other country. Usually, the products are not tested in clinical trials like authorised medicines. So compared to authorised medicines, doctors have limited evidence of the effects and side effects. One of the implications thereof is that doctors must accept full responsibility for the prescription of a product, e.g. by determining the dose for the individual patient.


The Danish Medicines Agency has issued a guideline for doctors who consider prescribing medicinal cannabis to their patients. The guideline is based on extensive and ongoing literature searches, evaluation of cannabis schemes in Holland, Canada and Israel, and an evaluation of the background leading to previous licensing of cannabis-containing medicines in Europe and the USA.Doctors are permitted to prescribe the products of their choice, which basically means that all doctors can prescribe the products of the pilot programme to their patients. Neither the law nor the pilot programme’s guideline prevents doctors from prescribing medicinal cannabis to patients with other illnesses than those mentioned in the guideline.

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Pharmaceutical Cannabis

The term for formulated, processed or synthetic cannabis sold as a finished product which has undergone full medical trials, and holds a medical marketing authorization.

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Medical Cannabis

The term for cannabinoid-based medicine not holding marketing authorization and therefore, sold as an unlicensed medicine that is supplied through health systems and prescribed by a doctor.

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Cannabinoids are the active chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant or synthetic produced compounds that can interact with the human endocannabinoid system.

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